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We are excited to bring new ideas to life. As a team of creative professionals, we are always searching for innovative approaches to stories and sharing them with targeted audiences through various mediums. Our studios offer a full service approach. From inception to delivery, making your media creation experience an enlightening and productive one is what we excel at. Avatar Media strives to create intelligent and fresh entertainment for global audiences. From animation to education, we love what we do, and we can't wait to share it with you.

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    • Jul 10 2014

      Avatar Media Delivers show Secret Setlist to broadcaster

      After an exciting production of our music show, Secret Setlist, we entered post production and enjoyed our time crafting each episode of our series. Stay tuned, as we will be releasing the broadcast date soon.

    • Nov 04 2013

      New Studio

      We have moved into our new studio. Our new bigger space includes a lot of natural light, creative spaces, new edit suites and a big screen full HD theatre with awesome surround system to view your projects.

    • Nov 04 2012

      Thelma Chalifoux award

      We are extremely excited and proud to announce that Avatar Media is the 2012 recipient of the Senator Thelma Chalifoux award for our "commitment to aboriginal student success."

      The Health Warriors Network and other projects such as Trust Our Voices are two examples of the work we have done with the aboriginal community. On top of these we are also currently working on the Michif Language project and working towards developing a virtual museum project that can further help to share and document the language and culture.

      We look forward to continuing our work in this area and once again are humbled to have received such recognition. We would also like to express sincere thanks to everyone that helped in the production of these projects.

    • Sep 28 2012

      Michif Language Project

      Today we are embarking on the first phase of a new project. Over the course of the next two weeks we will have the privilege of helping to document and preserve the Michif language, which consists primarily of French nouns and Cree verbs.

      The Michif language is inherent of the metis people of Canada. With less than 500 speakers left in the world, and even fewer left in western Canada we were incredibly lucky to be able to sit with various groups of elders versed in the language and document this incredibly beautiful language through their stories and experiences.

      This is only the first phase of a multi-phase project, so check back in the coming months for regular updates!

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