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    Dylan, has recently wrapped production on his first 3D feature film 40 Below and Falling (2014), which has been sold world-wide, starring Jewel Staite and Shawn Roberts. Dylan’s previous feature film, the romantic comedy entitled I Think I Do, garnered a Canadian Screen Award (the Canadian Emmy) nomination for its lead performer Mia Kirshner. Dylan’s first feature film Baby Blues (2008) opened number one in per screen average in North America. The film won best picture at Moving Images in Toronto and is still airing on Canada’s Super Channel. Dylan went on to direct the feature horror film Texas Road (2009) and followed it with the feature film, Whatever It Was (2010), an adaptation of a stage play written by Christopher Lawrence-Menard, one of Canada’s top playwrights. I Think I Do (2012) starring Mia Kirshner and Sara Canning has been sold worldwide and is still airing in North America on W Network (Canada) and on Lifetime Movie Network (U.S.). Expanding into the 3D realm, Dylan then directed The Babysitter 3D (2013). The film is playing the festival circuit and has been picked up for distribution in 3D. Dylan is prepping his next 3D feature film entitled Iron Dogs, written by Neil Chase and working on two VR short films.

    Whatever It Was
    Fortune's Ashes
    Baby Blues
    I Think I Do
    40 Below and Falling 3D
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