About Avatar Media

Bringing ideas to life.

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Avatar Media creates quality entertainment for global audiences. Our internationally distributed 3D films, Virtual Reality experiences, interactive web portals, and various television projects can be seen around the world and have been translated into many languages. Our award winning creative team brings years of experience to every project at every stage from early development to production to international release while remembering the importance of local communities and building audiences through smart marketing and publicity.

Pioneering new approaches in interactive storytelling in a transmedia landscape, we explore new and emerging markets and continue to search for innovative ways to introduce our story worlds to new and existing audiences. With roots in feature film and television production, we bring our theatrical quality broadcast standards to any project. This cinematic approach is the key. We want to bring you into the story through an immersive experience at the theatre, at home, or in your own Virtual Reality environment. Our mantra is bringing ideas to life.

Our Values

Core philosophies and business strategies that shape who we are.

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    Avatar Media provides multimedia services such as website design, new media production and research support. Many projects can be enhanced by offering online components or links to existing sites. Various messages can be offered to expand ones audience and project impact. Multi-platform delivery of projects gives greater access to target audiences.

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    Our approach is aimed at building media and communication capacity though our projects. In our organic approach, web- based media for projects are integrated, online community could be developed, all while focusing on process , your project goals, and a high quality final outcome. Control for multimedia is in your hands.

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    As technology changes at a rapid pace, Avatar values and teaches core fundamentals that will apply in any technological environment. Although we use the best tools available, by focusing on fundamentals, we allow the approach to be used with any small camcorder, and home personal computer.

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    We guarantee all of our work. We believe in doing it right the first time while ensuring years of access.

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    Avatar uses and instructs in the latest media creation skills, using tools like Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe Suites, Logic Studio, and others, that are essential in the industry. We have kept our studios up to date with the latest 4K and 360 VR camera acquisition technologies along with the latest MAC-based post production equipment and facilities and select PC based solutions for various projects.

Our Clients

Nothing but a pleasure and an honor to work with and for.

Gov't of Alberta
University of Alberta
W Network
City of Edmonton
The Movie Network
Lifetime HD
Nova Nait
Antena 3
Cirque Du Soleil
Glos Wielkopolski
Coors Light Mystery Mansion
The Gateway
Discovery Chanel
DOC Alberta
Ownes Corning
Change for Children
Heritage Canada
The Canadian Press
Home Hardware
Northern Lights
Fas Gas
Homeward Trust
Homeward Walk-Run
Food Water Wellness Foundation
John Humphrey Centre
Centre for Public Involvement
Construction Labour Relations
EA Games
BioWare Corp.
Digital Alberta
Better SuperVision
  • Avatar Media for any project

    “I can highly recommend Avatar Media for any project. Their work ethic is substantial, ethical, and compassionate in relationship to the projects they undertake, their connections with people and organizations, and their final products. I can see how they could contribute as an example, role model, or mentor, as guest speakers or instructors given their broad range of experience, expertise, and knowledge, and as co-collaborators about social justice, media, and social entrepreneurship.”
    Karen Fox, Ph.D.Professor Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation, University of Alberta
  • Avatar Media is definitely the best

    “Having modeled, done theatre and film and being in front of people in many ways, I’ve seen the best and worst the media business has to offer. Avatar Media is definitely the best. I have never experienced such a controlled and confident atmosphere that at the same time made me feel comfortable, taken care of and respected as the “talent”. The results of the video work we did together were precisely what I was looking for – and more. The small details and care they took made it go the extra distance I would never have considered on my own. Avatar Media has my business from now until the sun darkens.”

    Christie MawerThe Bad Kitty