Iron Dogs 3D


Project Type:
  • 3D Feature Film
Project Status:
  • In Development
  • Horror, Western, Supernatural, Action

Sometimes when evil dies, it doesn’t stay dead.


Six Texas outlaws, barely a day ahead of their pursuers, make one last run for freedom across the Chihuahuan desert. After ambushing a posse of Pinkerton agents and surviving an encounter with a band of sadistic cannibals, they manage to find shelter in a freshly deserted New Mexico town. With no supplies, and one of them gravely wounded, they are forced to spend precious time in this place strangely void of life and water.

To make matters worse, a band of Mescalero Apache surround the town, preventing their escape. With time running out before the pursuing Army troops catch up to them, the outlaws only have a matter of hours to plan their getaway before they’re caught in the ensuing crossfire. As they soon discover the grisly truth behind the disappearance of the townsfolk, they find themselves hunted by something far worse than anything they’ve faced yet – an unspeakable evil that seemingly cannot be killed. As the malevolent creature targets them in turn, the previously tight-knit group find themselves unravelling past the breaking point. Faced with the added knowledge that it may only be harmed during the day, the remaining friends must find a way to somehow destroy the monster before the setting sun, and not turn on each other in the process.

Thinking it to be a Strigoi Morti – the cursed death – a creature of legend that can only be harmed when feeding on the living, the surviving few are faced with an agonizing choice – which of their own to sacrifice so that the others may live?

Awards for Iron Dogs:

Pitch Awards

  • Winner – Best Pitch – 3D Stereo Media International 3D Summit (Liège, Belgium) 2015

Screenplay Awards

  • Winner – Best Unproduced Screenplay – FilmQuest Film Festival 2014
  • Winner – First Place – A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2012
  • Winner – Best Unproduced Screenplay – LA Fear and Fantasy Film Festival 2012
  • Winner – Best Sci-Fi/Horror Screenplay – Berlin Independent Film Festival 2014
  • Winner – Best Monster Screenplay – Hollywood Horrorfest 2014
  • Winner – Best Horror Feature Screenplay – Bloody Hero International Film Festival 2013
  • Winner – Spurs Award (Best Western Screenplay) – West Field Screenwriting Awards 2013
  • Winner – Runner Up – Best Period Piece – Action on Film Festival 2012
  • Winner – Second Place – Las Vegas Film Festival 2013
  • Winner – Third Place – Eerie Horror Film Festival 2012
  • Finalist – World Series of Screenwriting 2014
  • Finalist – Creative World Awards Screenwriting Competition 2013
  • Finalist – International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival 2013
  • Finalist – H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2013
  • Finalist – Mile High Horror Film Festival 2013
  • Finalist – Sunscreen Film Festival West 2013
  • Finalist – New Orleans Horror Film Festival 2012
  • Finalist – British Horror Film Festival 2012
  • Finalist – Fright Night Film Festival 2012
  • Finalist – Eerie Horror Film Festival 2012
  • Winner – Honorable Mention – Horror Screenplay Contest 2013
  • Winner – Honorable Mention – Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood 2012
  • Winner – Honorable Mention – LA Movie Awards 2013
  • Semi-Finalist – Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2013
  • Quarter-Finalist – Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition 2013
  • Quarter-Finalist – Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition 2014
  • Quarter-Finalist – PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2012
  • Quarter-Finalist – Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2014
  • Quarter-Finalist – Screamcraft Horror Script Contest 2013
  • Official Selection – Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival 2014

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