Jaro Malanowski

CEO & Founder / Executive Producer

  • Jaro Malanowski
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    Jaro Malanowski is an award winning producer, director and writer who is passionate about engaging and immersive storytelling while exploring new ways of sharing those stories to audiences world wide. From the first time he was shown a stereoscope he always wanted to bring audiences into the worlds on those cards and is very passionate about 3D storytelling. Great movies are made by the best creative teams and Jaro is equally passionate about bringing the best people together to bring projects to life. He founded Avatar Media with the hope that media can not only entertain and enlighten, but spark innovation and inspire audiences to new levels. Jaro has a degree from the University of Alberta in English and Art and Design. Jaro loves to travel, snowboard and paddle. He is currently exploring how 3D film making and VR can be blended to immerse audiences into the story.

    • Producing
    • Directing
    • Writing
    • Cinematography
    • Business Development
    • 3D & VR
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Video Games
    • Playing Guitar
    • Snowboarding

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