Montorio Homes Ltd.

  • Montorio Homes Ltd.
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  • Online, Ongoing
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  • Virtual Tours
  • Social Media Management


Montorio Homes is a local Edmonton-based custom-home builder that approached Avatar to work with them on developing some virtual tours of a number of high-end custom show homes for potential customers to view online and on their mobile devices. Avatar is working with Montorio on a on-going basis to develop these tours for a number of homes in the near future.

Using a sophisticated camera system we are able to do a full 3D scan of the space and recreate said space in a virtual dollhouse model for viewers to interact with and explore. There are also guided tours that can be setup for a viewer to be taken through the space. We’ve found that through interactivity and immersion in spaces such as Montorio’s high-end quality homes helps to educate and inform a potential customer prior to purchasing and can also help to increase excitement and drive sales.

Along with the virtual tours, Avatar has taken on the task of managing the Facebook page for Montorio to help increase awareness and drive traffic to the website and ultimately help connect Montorio with customers in Alberta. Feel free to follow the Facebook link in the “Connect” section above and like the page to show your support for this local business.

Above are a few examples of virtual tours that have been created for Montorio along with photo’s that were captured by the same system. Below is an example of a branded and un-branded client delivery page that was created for showcasing the virtual tour:

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