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Our studios offer 3D video, 3D photography and 3D game design. We create interactive visualizations for product development and immersive environment production.

From the first time we looked through a stereoscope to the latest 3D Stereo VR experiences, we have been hooked on the value of stereoscopic 3D as an immersive and engaging storytelling tool. We use various cutting edge stereo 3D scalable technologies to provide VR experiences with various delivery methods including mobile, headset mounted, and fully immersive. Our cutting edge post production facility works on 8K 3D and 4K 3D projects and creates DCPs for theatrical exhibition. Our high end 3D finishing and colour correction suite will bring your project to the next level.

Featured Projects:

Iron Dogs 3D
Iron Dogs 3D
40 Below and Falling 3D
40 Below and Falling 3D
Montorio Homes
Montorio Homes Ltd.

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